Every Drop Counts.
Elevate Your Ink Efficiency.

Join us at drupa 2024 where we'll showcase customizable solutions to empower ink manufacturers and suppliers like yourself to master ink color. As customers seek new packaging substrates and faster turnarounds, effective ink management is essential. This requires confirming the quality of incoming materials and the accuracy of ink formulations, which are crucial for achieving superior color quality.

Digital Color Management to Minimize Drawdowns and Approval Cycles Times

It is important to have the right formulation tools to deliver fast and accurate color recipes that account for substrates, ink volume, and the re-use of leftovers in a cost-effective way. With X-Rite formulation solutions, you can:

  • Reduce the steps to an acceptable match,
  • Manage ink recipes and assortments to avoid the creation of duplicate recipes,
  • Provide consistent color reproduction,
  • Improve basic material handling, and
  • Reduce hazardous waste and ink inventories.

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InkFormulation Software

Application-based software designed to provide you with fast, accurate and consistent ink formulation for all your formula creation, storage, approval and retrieval needs.

eXact 2

A robust 45/0° handheld spectrophotometer to help you deliver more precise ink formulations to the press with a non-contact aperture and My Tool, designed specifically for the ink kitchen to complete each job quickly and with less waste.


A cloud-based ecosystem to digitally specify and communicate color standards throughout the production process to ensure accurate and repeatable color regardless of substrate, printing technology, or ink type.

ColorCert Suite

A suite of integrated tools to assess ink color quality based on job parameters, offering ink room quality assurance and seamless integration with InkFormulation Software. This system facilitates the transmission of press measurements to the ink room for evaluation and reformulation purposes.