Color Confidence for Commercial Printers: Modernize Your Color Management Process

We’re excited to return to drupa 2024 where we will demonstrate an ideal color workflow, from ideation through final creation. At each workstation, discover innovative solutions designed to empower commercial printers, like yourself, to effectively manage color.

Embracing Digital Color Technology for Print Efficiencies

In an increasingly complex global supply chain, we understand the challenges posed from market pressures and customer requirements. That’s why we have developed tools to help you manage your entire workflow and achieve the very best color – from specification and design, throughout formulation, and on press.

Investing in X-Rite's solutions translates into a long-term cost reduction strategy through ongoing savings in materials, labor, and the avoidance of costly errors, positioning you for sustained success in a competitive market.

Reduce Make-Ready Time

Reduce make-ready time by automating ink key presetting and color management.

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Minimize downtime caused by color-related issues, ensuring you stay operational and meet tight deadlines.

Accurate & Consistent Color

Attain precise color control to minimize costly errors and avoid wasting materials and resources.

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to see these solutions live and learn which product is right for you!

eXact 2

A robust 45/0° handheld spectrophotometer to precisely measure density and dot gain using an integrated digital loop and camera.

IntelliTrax2 Pro

A press-side scanning solution to automate ink key presetting and color management for mid-to-large-size commercial and folding carton printers.

i1Pro 3

A family of devices to help you achieve accurate color from your printer, display, and projector.


A cloud-based ecosystem to digitally specify and communicate color standards throughout the production process to ensure accurate and repeatable color regardless of substrate, printing technology, or ink type.

ColorCert Suite

A set of tools that work together to communicate color targets, print specifications, and print quality reporting, while also providing actionable guidance in the press room to improve overall performance.

InkFormulation Software

Application based software designed to provide you with fast, accurate and consistent ink formulation for all your formula creation, storage, approval and retrieval needs.